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An inevitable side-effect of shipping parcels, documents and pallets is that CO2 is emitted. However, when you book your shipments with Select Courier, you can easily compensate this emission.

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More green, more sustainable
By consolidating multiple shipments by our customers and using clean means of transportation, we contribute to more sustainable and more green way of shipping. We run our websites on eco-friendly servers, make use of digital archives and separate our waste. Not just because, but because believe it is important to CARE for our environment and society. Because of this, we enable you to neutralise the CO2-emission of your shipments. 

Neutralise CO2-emission
Select Courier automatically calculates the CO2 emissions of your shipment by means of the shipment details that have an impact on wight, volume, means of transport and distance. You can then choose to compensate the emission and will receive a digital statement on the CO2 emission compensation of your shipment.

Select Courier forwards the amount to the Climate Neutral Group after which they take care of the compensation by investing in CO2 compensation projects.

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