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Select Courier wants to turn the shipping world into one in which you have perfect control, clarity and transparency. We do this by offering an amazing and user-friendly environment that provides you with your own, tailor-made, complete freight-solutions.

We also do this by offering a big, heavy and well-stocked base of logistic know-how and experience. And, last but not least, we do this by proactively using this knowledge to support you and your business with the best shipping solutions.


Logistics is quite a complex world, so in order to bring some order into it we will make absolutely sure that our services are as simple as we can even possibly think of. 

Creating a profile will take you just a couple of seconds. After that you will experience that Select Courier is designed to make shipping as fast, friendly and transparant as ever. You only have to provide the details (weight, length, width en height) and address details of your consignment. 

Based on these details, Select Courier will provide you with the tailor-made solutions you need. Pick the solution that suits your best interest, hand your consignment over to the carrier of your choice, track and trace your consignments with the Track & Trace-function. Done. Shipment delivered.

Complete solutions

Whatever the scenario, Select Courier will provide you with logistic solutions that will help your business save money and time. We partner with world-leading carriers that will handle your consignments globally as well as domestically with the same care and expertise.

Financial transparency

What makes Select Courier wonderful too is that you are at all times provided with complete pricing details concerning your shipments. Payment is done on account, which helps you save time. We provide you with a weekly invoice containing all your shipments of the current week.

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