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Along our already great range of services, Select Courier also offers you the opportunity to connect your systems with ours. The technical term for this is called API, meaning that you will be able to offer your customers to choose from a fantastic array of personal, pre-selected solutions to get their orders delivered how they want it. When they want it.

We make your logistics smart

Based on the dimensions, sizes and destinations of your products - Select Courier provides you, your business and your customer with smart and tailor-made logistic solutions. This will not only make the order process of your business very flexible, but it also allows your customer to have their orders delivered right the first time.

Bulk Upload: Multiple solutions, just one click

Another function of our system of which we’re very proud, is the ability to create very large logistic solutions with just one click. 

It’s called bulk upload and it will allow you, by uploading a spreadsheet (file: XLS), to import all your order data at once in your shipping account. So, instead of entering all details in manually (and have your intern experience a nervous breakdown), the system will order everything for you and automatically create the logistic solution your customers are served with best. 

Needless to say, this will make you save an enormous amount of time.

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