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  • 1 General

    In this section, we list the most frequently asked ‘general’ questions. If you have a more specific question you can check one of the categories. Should you miss certain information or if you have any other questions, please let us know!
    • To which destinations am I able to ship with Select Courier?
      We are able to ship your consignments domestically as well as internationally to a lot of destinations. You can use our quote and booking tool to check if the country you wish to ship your goods to is available. If the country is not displayed, please contact us so we can find a tailormade solution for you.
    • What happens after I've placed a booking?
      After you’ve placed a booking, the consignment will be automatically posted to the selected carrier.
    • Which couriers does Select Courier offer?
      We offer the services of the world’s leading couriers and transporters. Depending on the specifications, features and destination of your shipment, we can quote you very interesting rates as well as – in general - the best offer. We present a complete range of services for each quote application. 

      We state the best service first, followed by all other possible options. This is especially helpful if you want short lead-times (e.g. the next day before 09.00, 10.00 of 12.00 noon)
    • What are your office hours?
      You can call us from Monday to Friday, at 08.45 – 17.30. We are closed on Saturday and Sunday.
    • What is your phone number?
      Our phone number is +31 (0) 10 223 7006.
    • How can I contact Select Courier?
      You can contact us in different ways: 
      By phone: +31 (0) 10 223 7006.
      You can also use our contact form. After you submit a support request, we will contact you as soon as possible.
    • Is Select Courier a registered company?
      Yes. We are a private company and are registered under the Business Registration Ordinance in Hong Kong. 
    • Do you have a list of products that can’t be sent with Select Courier?
      Yes. Please check our Prohibited Goods section.
    • Does Select Courier offer air and ocean freight services?
      Yes! You can use Select Courier to receive a quote from one of our specially selected partners. You can use the „Request Custom Quote” button to send us detailed information about your shipment.
  • Payment

    In this section, we list all (two) questions concerning payment and payment facilities. Should you encounter info-gaps or find your question unanswered in this section, let us know!
    • How do I pay for the logistics services I use?
      Payments are made on account, which is helpful because it saves you time. You will receive an invoice with all arranged shipments of the previous week. 

      Payment facilities 
      You are able to pay by using different means and options. You can pay by using Bank Transfer, Prepaid and Cheque payment.
    • Do I pay extra for using Select Courier?
      No, you do not. There is also no surcharge for using Select Courier. The only expenses related to your shipments through Select Courier are the costs of selected logistics services. 

      Cost savings 
      In most cases, you will save money by using Select Courier. We do not charge any fees for subscriptions and start-up costs. You are also not required to use our tool if you have a registered profile and there is no obligation for you to send anything if you don’t want to (however if you want to really know how Select Courier makes shipping awesome, we kindly encourage you to give it a try.)
  • Pick Up & Collection

    In this section, we have collected some issues and ambiguities concerning the pickup and collection of your goods. Questions like: At what time does the carrier pick up my consignment? What do I have to do when the courier does not arrive? If you miss some information or have another question, do not hesitate to contact us! 
    • What is the latest time for booking if I want to arrange collection on the same day?
      The final time point (cut off time) for collection on the same day depends on which courier you wish to send your consignment with. The cut off time is usually between 11 am and 1 pm. 

      If you want to know if Same Day Collection applies to your shipment, please let us know!
    • Is it possible to have my shipment collected and delivered on the same day?

      You can have your consignments collected and delivered on the same day by using express service. In this case, we recommend logging into your Select Courier account as soon as possible – early morning - to check which services are available. 

      You don't have an account but in need of a Same-Day Collection and Delivery Service? No problem. Join us and create your free account now! It will cost you only two clicks. Your profile is completely free to use and you are not obligated to do or send anything. PU3 Can I Choose a collection time frame? Yes. 

      Collection times are all day – Monday to Friday. If you are not able to arrange the collection at home or at a different address, you can use a Drop Off service. Not all carriers provide you with this option, but if they do, Select Courier will point this option out for you.
    • Can I book a collection date in advance?

      You can arrange a moment of collection for up to a week in advance of today’s date. In the displayed list of logistic solutions for your shipment, the option ‘Collection Date’ is listed. This option provides you with a list of possible collection dates. 

      Should you or your business have a large or unusual shipment that needs some organising in advance, please let us know. This will allow us to arrange everything necessary.
    • When will the courier arrive to collect my shipment?
      Collection, unfortunately, can be at any time during the day. 

      Courier services often don’t provide us with details concerning the time of arrival or collection. You can, however, count on it that carriers will do everything (within the limits of law and) to collect your shipments in time. 

      Aside from this – couriers sometimes work earlier than stated times and finish much later in the evening. This makes it quite hard to exactly appoint at which time your shipment will be collected or delivered.
    • What happens when the courier does not arrive?
      In the case of non-collection: collections are not automatically re-booked. If your parcel or package is not collected, it is best to let us know straight away. We will sort out why the courier did not pick up your shipment. If the courier is found to be at fault, we well re-book collection for the next day or another moment and place, depending on your wishes. If you prefer to cancel the shipment or have your booking refunded, that is possible too. 

      If non-collection is caused by customer-error Select Courier may need to add a surcharge to the booking in order to cover additional courier expenses. Most important: If your order is not collected, let us know directly

      Unattended shipments 
      Most couriers will not take shipments if there is nobody at the location of collection to hand the consignments over in person. This is to prevent erroneous collection and shipment of goods. 

      Customer contact 
      If something happens along the way that causes delay hence later collection time – traffic jam, vehicle breakdown, other unforeseeable issues – you might be surprised to learn that the courier has actually no way of contacting the customer. 

      The big reason behind this is that couriers are not supposed to make phone calls while driving. 

      Courier networks are working on solutions to fix this problem, for example, pre-notification that will inform you if the courier is near the collection point. 

      If you have any doubts concerning the collection moment of your goods, please let us know!
  • Track & Trace

    In this section, you will find questions (and answers) concerning the tracking of your goods. Should you find certain crucial or not-so-crucial-but-still-quite-relevant information missing? Please do not hesitate to drop us a line.
    • Can I track all shipments?

      When you log onto your account and go to Shipment Overview, you'll see real-time updates of your shipments. This ensures that you have full visibility of your shipments. It also enables you to identify problems without having to wait for an unhappy customer to call. We also offer a Track & Trace function, which helps you monitor a specific shipment. You can provide your customer with the reference number of your shipment and a link to Select Courier, which helps them trace the shipment themselves.
    • Is Track & Trace different than Tracking?
      No. Both track & trace and tracking provide you with the same information. 

      Track & Trace 
      Track & Trace allows you to see details of a specific shipment. You can provide your customer with the reference number of your shipment and a link to Select Courier, which helps them trace the shipment themselves. 

      With tracking, you can see the current status of all your active shipments on one screen. This is very useful if you have multiple shipments running simultaneously. In the unhappy event of shipment-issues, you will be made aware by the system before a dissatisfied customer calls you.
    • How can I track the status of my shipment during transit?
      You will automatically receive an order number before the driver picks up your shipments. You can use this order number on our site in the track & trace section.
  • Packaging

    You will do yourself (as well as the receiving party) a great favour if you make sure that your consignments are carefully packaged. In this section, you will find q’s and a’s about packaging. Should you encounter an info-gap or if you have other questions, please give us a call!
    • How do I know if my consignments are safe and correctly packaged for use in Select Courier services?
      It is advisable to use new packaging for your consignments since used cardboard gets weaker when re-used. We recommend three-layered cardboard for packaging. In addition, we advise making sure that the shipped goods are packed in such a way that they are shock resistant. Read more about Packaging Guidelines here.
    • Do I need to retain the damaged shipment for which I want to submit a claim?
      Yes. The insurance company may need the shipment for inspection. Also, make sure that the consignment is preserved with its original packing. In this case, you ensure an objective inspection by the insurance company.
    • Should I package my shipment?
      Most certainly. Also, read our packaging guidelines.
    • What is the best way to package my shipment?
      All items should be packed carefully before the driver arrives to pick up your shipment. Materials such as bubble wrap and styrofoam or styroflakes help to make sure that your consignment is shock resistant. If this is not the case, the driver has the right to refuse your shipment.
  • Shipping

    Since the process of shipping can be quite complex, we have compiled a selection of frequently asked questions. Should you have any (other) questions about shipping? Please let us know!
    • Are there restrictions on the goods that I can send via Select Courier?
      Yes, there there are. Please check our list of Prohibited Goods. If you have questions or doubts concerning your shipment, let us know.
    • Are there restrictions to the number of consignments I send?
      No, there are no restrictions. You can send as many consignments as you want.
    • How does Select Courier obtain the carrier rates?
      When you have provided the details of your consignment Select Courier checks all (im)possibilities for your shipment. We present all the useful and sound solutions. After this, it’s up to you to pick the solution that suits you and your shipment best. Done!
    • Which measurements do I need to provide in order to get a Custom Quote?
      1. Length: measure first left to right;
      2. Width: measure front to back;
      3. Height: measure top to bottom.

      If you are able to overturn your consignment, always pick the longest side as ‘length’. If you want to ship goods with irregular shapes (chairs, shoes, tires, rolled goods), pick as length, width and height the extremes of your product. S5/W4 Are there restrictions on the weight and size of my shipment? Yes. Courier companies work with strict restrictions on size and weight. Select Courier provides you only with logistic solutions that meet these restrictions. 

      To prevent carriers from adding surcharges and breaking your good cheer, it is very important to carefully (and truthfully, that helps as well) provide us with the measurements and weight of your shipment.
    • What does volumetric weight mean?
      Volumetric weight, sometimes also called "dimensional weight", is a billing technique which takes into account the length, width and height of a package. Our system automatically calculates the correct volumetric weight for your consignment. 

      Volumetric weight formulas can vary per courier, service or even destinations.
    • I want to send a (very) heavy consignment (an anvil, 35 kilograms). How will Select Courier handle this?
      To prevent couriers from injuring themselves they are not supposed to lift items heavier than 30 kilograms. This is an international clause and applies not only to couriers but for everyone who wants to preserve his back.
    • What does Consignment Type mean?
      Consignment Type is a certain category that matches your shipment. In order to provide you with the best service for your shipment, we use the following consignment types: 

      Pick this type if you are using a carton box or packaging for your shipment. 

      If your item has an undercarriage made of plastic, wood or steel, choose this consignment type. 

      You can pick this option only if you want to send documents, like invoices, letters, contracts and so on. If you would want to end a sample or gift, carriers will treat the item as a parcel. This is because a document is not dutiable for customs and parcels are.
    • How do I send a pallet?
      If you want to send a pallet delivery you must supply your own pallet and wrapping. Also make sure that the pallet is stable for transportation because the pallet will tilt when lifted by, for example, a forklift. 

      You can use pallets when you want to ship heavy items (weighing more than 23 kilograms), large items or a collection of goods that are being shipped collectively. 

      Get a pallet quote by using the rate calculator 
      You can get an instant quote with our rate calculator for the Netherlands and most European destinations. If you do not find a solution for your international pallet delivery then please contact us. We will find a profitable and good solution for your shipment, by air or sea. 

      Items too large for pallet shipping 
      If your items are too large for pallet shipping size or exceed the certain height or weight restrictions, you can consider a tailor-made delivery service. Do you have a very big shipment? Please let us know, so we can inform you about the possibilities. 

      Sending multiple items 
      The pallet as a whole needs to be neatly wrapped. A box, placed on a pallet does (therefore) not count as such. To prevent your goods from damage and breakage, we also advise you to never have your goods cross the outer contours of the pallet. 

      For example – this would be a very unwise way to send a wheelchair.
    • How is my shipment handled in transit?
      Good question! It is vital to understand the journey which your shipment makes if only to make sure you protect your package well against damage and loss. 

      Your shipment will mostly be handled by automated distribution systems, sometimes handling 100,000 shipments per hour. Your shipment is also not going to be delivered straightly from A to B. 

      Furthermore, your shipment is going to be processed by multiple people and will pass from vans, through conveyor belts and will be lifted and slide from trays. 

      Because of all this, a courier network is not suitable for transporting fragile goods. This is also why shipping fragile items are at your own risk (also read our section of restricted and prohibited goods).
    • Should I send fragile items via a Courier Service?
      Yes, you can. We, however, recommend to do not so – it is not advisable to send fragile items with any Courier Service whatsoever since consignments are mostly handled by automated machines and processes. 

      This is why fragile items can only be sent at your own risk and cannot be covered for damage. Also, read our section of restricted and prohibited goods.
    • How do I label my shipment?
      A label contains a barcode with information that the carrier uses to deliver your shipment as fast and as safe as possible. All information that you provide during the booking process is used to generate the label. Please make sure all details are correct. Errors or mistakes can cause delays. 

      If you are going to send a package, the label should be fixed on top of the box – preferably in the centre. If you are about to send a pallet, please fix the label in front of the pallet – upper right corner.
    • What is Customs Clearance?
      Customs clearance is a documented permission to pass that a national customs authority grants to imported goods. 

      Customs make sure that imported goods do not contain illegal or dangerous content. They also assess whether the fees and taxes are levied according to laws and regulations concerning the value and contents of the shipment.
    • What is a commercial invoice?
      A commercial invoice is a document containing the number, description and value of the goods present in the consignment. 

      Creating a commercial invoice 
      When you provide us with the information of your consignment, Select Courier automatically generates a commercial invoice. You can print this document and fix it to your shipment. Please don’t put it inside your shipment. 

      Provide a minimum of four copies. 
      In order to have your shipment transported, you need to provide at least four copies of a commercial invoice, each individually signed. Various checkpoints (customs, distributions) might want to safe a copy. By providing at least copies you can prevent unnecessary delays from happening. 

      Each shipment must contain a minimum of four copies of a commercial invoice. If you book your shipment online, you need to fill in the contents, description and value of the goods. Once you are finished, you can print out the commercial invoice, put in an envelope and fix it to your shipment.
    • What are INCO terms?
      Incoterms (International Commercial Terms) give an exact breakdown of obligations of the seller and buyer regarding (international) transport. 

      Three basic specifics: 
      1. The person who is responsible for the expenses involved in a shipment (transport costs, bills) at any given moment during transit;
      2. The person who is owning the goods at a given point during transit;
      3. The person who financially liable for the goods at a given point during transit.

      Most used Incoterms: 

      DAP - Delivery At Place (DAP) 
      Can be used for any transport mode, or multiple modes. The seller is responsible for arranging carriage and the delivery of the goods at the set destination. Duties are not paid under this term. 

      DDP - Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) 
      The seller is responsible for delivering the goods. The seller is also responsible for making sure all additional costs (import taxes, fees, costs of transport) are paid. It is advisable to verify the local customs and/or VAT requirements at the country of destination before you send your consignment.
    • What happens when I ship more consignments than I have declared online?
      In this case, please inform us immediately. If not, surcharges will be incurred per package added to the regular shipping costs.
    • How do I make sure that the shipping process with Select Courier goes as smooth as possible?
      To make sure your goods are being transported as smooth as possible, we listed Eight practical advices for carefree shipping.
  • Insurance and Claims

    You can find questions concerning the insurance of your consignments right here. Should you have questions about the existing information on this page or question about the non-existing information on this page – please let us know!
    • Do you offer insurance?
      Yes. We offer insurance on shipments of general goods, fragile goods and even shipments of notebooks, tablets and mobile phones. Contact our customer support for the exact insurance fees. 

      We advise you to read our terms and conditions to ensure yourself if and/or which specifications comply with your wishes.
    • How can I submit a claim for loss or damage?
      All claims must be sent by mail to Select Courier. Claims sent directly to a carrier cannot be processed. 
    • What will be compensated on the services provided?
      All services provided are exclusively covered by limited compensation for possible loss and/or damage. Which compensation applies to your selected service depends on the mode of transport and destination. You can read more about compensation on our section about insurance.
    • Which information should be submitted with my claim?
      To make sure we assess your claim just and honest, you need to provide us with some documents. Checklist: 
      • A claim notice using your letterhead with the relevant airway bill number, shipment details and involved claim amount;
      • A document from the receiving party stating that the consignment has not arrived, or that the consignment is damaged;
      • A copy of the commercial invoice;
      • A copy of the airway bill;
      • A copy of the packing list; 
      • In case of damage: photos of the inner- en outer packaging.
    • Within what time period should a claim for loss of damage be filed?
      All claims must be filed to Select Courier within seven days from the date of shipment. Claims for High-Value goods must be made within three days after the shipping date.
    • Am I financially covered when shipping a monitor or television set?
      Yes, only against the loss of your monitor or television. You are, however, not covered for damages if the monitor gets damaged. Goods such as these are classified as ' restricted goods ', meaning you can only send these on your own risk. Also, read our section of restricted and prohibited goods.
    • What should the receiving party do, when receiving a consignment?
      The best advice we can give is: always check the consignment for damage. Should your consignment arrive damaged, take photos (internal/external packaging/damage to content) as you need the photos to file the claim.
    • In which situations can I file for a claim?
      If a shipment is received in good condition, it is not possible to submit a claim. In the case of damaged shipment delivery, it is essential that you mention the damaged state of the consignment on the manifest when receiving the goods. Also: take photos. Do you have questions regarding claims? Let us know!

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