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Logistics nowadays consists mostly out of moving, rolling, flying and shipping means of transport. Most of these have, sadly, a negative impact on our environment. 

Without breaking out into a tedious lecture of the importance of going green, you can also start reducing the negative impact of logistics right now. The good part: Select Courier provides you with a very (very) easy, attractive and smart service to help you and your business reduce CO2-emission or even to organise shipments CO2-neutral.

How we make shipping green

By using our services, you automatically reduce your CO2-footprint. By using smart and simple supply chain solutions we are able to consolidate consignments. Result: higher efficiency, less CO2-emission.

Solutions to reduce CO2-emission

When you place an order, Select Courier automatically calculates the CO2-emission, based on provided package-details, volume, mode of transportation and distance. After this the system provides you with an option to financially compensate the emission.

Select Courier greatly encourages everyone to do so. We will forward your investment to The Climate Neutral Group. They will subsequently invest your investment in green projects. You can read more about projects of the Climate Neutral Group right here.

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