Our ten tips for smooth customs clearance

Ten tips on how to get your goods relatively fast through customs


One of the best ways to prevent delays, surcharges and related issues when shipping your goods international or intercontinental is to inform yourself with the customs regulations of the destined country.

Aside from country-specific information, there are also some general guidelines you should take into account when shipping internationally.

Our ten tips

  • Add a complete waybill to your goods
  • Provide an invoice with a correct declaration of the origin of your goods
  • Never put any needed documents (invoices, certificates, statements, bill of lading) inside your shipment
  • Note on the consignment which certificates you have included
  • If you are shipping international, check if your consignment needs to pass through customs If so, add at least four copies of a commercial invoice, in English
  • Inform yourself if (and which) additional documentation is needed in order to have your goods passed through customs
  • Add a health certificate when shipping perishable goods
  • Inform yourself if import registration by the receiver is needed
  • Use a temporary export document when your shipment is only temporarily abroad
  • Provide your invoice with a tax identity number (or a SSN, EIN-number) of the receiving party

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