Shipping insurance

The relevance of insured shipping


Theft, accidents, human failure and decay - these are just a few of the risks and perils that are exposed to your cargo. Alas. However much we would like to  eliminate those risks, practice often proves to be unruly. What you can do is to make sure your consignments are at least insured, and insured well. Select Courier offers appropriate, one-off cargo insurances. 

The importance of insurance

Since the transportation of your goods is mostly in full hands of third parties (forwarders, carriers), you cannot exercise influence on the safety on your cargo. In addition to this, carriers and transporters hold only limited liability.

To make sure that risks and liability are organised and clear for all related parties, the so-called INCO-terms define the liability of transport and delivery at any given time during (international) transport.

However dull and tedious the INCO-terms might be, we dearly advise you to inform yourself with these terms. They might save you from great and unwanted frustration.

What you also should know

In the case of damage and/or breakage of your goods, not insured goods are financially compensated based on their weight. Meaning – if you are shipping a featherweight, high-value item, you will be very unhappy to discover that your financial compensation will not be a lot.

Our solutions for you

Select Courier offers appropriate, one-off cargo insurances. With our partners we have been able to obtain attractive premiums from a selected group of highly recommended, specialized international insurance companies.

In order to provide you with a suiting and helpful insurance, Select Courier takes into account the type of cargo, the sum insured and the destination. The coverage is based on “all risks” conditions and covers loss on your shipments, except for the goods mentioned in our list of prohibited and restricted goods.

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