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Select Courier is on a mission to make your working life easier, simpler and more pleasant.  We offer worldwide as well as local, tailor-made logistical solutions for you and your business, which you can freely use, apply and enjoy. Logistics has never been easier.

Select Courier provides you with your own, tailor-made, complete freight-solutions. We do this by offering a big, heavy and well-stocked base of logistic know-how and experience. We also do this by proactively using this knowledge to improve your business’ logistics (and, subsequently, save time, money and frustration).

Free access to great expertise

Apart from our smart and fast logistical solutions, we have a mass of knowledge about logistics. We also know a thing or two about paperwork and documentation, invoices, taxes and insurances. 

Now, we actually love to use this knowledge to provide you with the best, tailormade, profitable and easy solutions for your packages, documents, pallets or containers. This will not only help you and your business save a ridiculous amount of time and money (as well as tears and frustration), it will also make your logistics more efficient, flexible and effective.

Express Delivery

For fast, high-speed delivery, high-urgency shipments Express Service might just be the solution for you and your goods.

Select Couriers offers a very wide range of flexible express services, locally as well as internationally. Our express services help you to transport your consignments fast and accurate. Select Courier allows you to pick a time slot in which you want to have your consignment picked up and/or delivered.

Economy Delivery

Our extensive Economy Service solutions offer your business friendly and competitive rates for the transport of low- to mid-urgency goods. Economy services might not transit your consignments as fast as Direct Courier or Express Services, but in return you get very attractive rates.

Select Courier partners with leading carriers to make sure you are able to pick the Economy service that you are most comfortable with.

Airfreight Delivery

If you want to send a very heavy consignment that needs to be delivered fast, airfreight service might just be the perfect solution for you. Select Courier offers your business tailor-made solutions to get your air freight organised accurate, fast, clean and financially transparent.

International Direct Courier

Want to send an across-the border package door-to-door? You might want to use our Direct Courier services. Just let us know which courier suits your wishes best!

Same Day Delivery

In some cases you might want to have your parcel picked up and delivered on the same day. The good news is that we offer those services too. The even better news is that we offer those services against very (very) friendly rates.

The best advice concerning Same Day Delivery that we can give is: start early. Your chances to get your consignment collected and delivered on the same days are best when you book your shipment in the young hours of the day. This does not mean we ask you to set your alarm at 4 AM, but in general, the earlier the better.

On Board Courier

If you wish to send your consignments fast and with the highest level of personal service and safety, we offer our On Board Courier services. The On Board Courier takes your parcels personally from door-to-door and never leaves your consignment unguarded.

In order to do this, it is import that the measurements of your consignment comply with the hand-luggage regulations of the airline company – the Courier uses commercial flight schedules. It is impossible to send liquids and hazardous goods with our On Board Courier services.

Seafreight service

Sea freight is a very cost-effective way of transporting your consignments, parcels and goods across the globe. Select Courier partners with major shipping lines and carriers, which will make sure that your shipments are delivered safely and accompanied with the correct paperwork. In addition to this, Select Courier works with clever supply chain solutions, which allow us to consolidate shipments, and subsequently, reduce CO2-emission.

We advise you to take advantage of our sea freight services if you need to need to transport voluminous goods (please also consider our list of prohibited goods before booking your shipment) or big and heavy goods on one or multiple pallets.

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