Eight great practical shipping advices

for Carefree Shipping


To allow you to enjoy the wonderful world of logistics just as much as we do, we have formulated Select Couriers’ Eight Great Practical Advices for Carefree Shipping.

Whether you consider yourself to be a first timer or rather a more seasoned shipper, we kindly advise you to take these rules to heart when shipping.

8 Shipping advices

  • It is allowed to ship your goods
  • You have informed yourself with the customs regulations of the destination country
  • The receiving party is informed about import-regulations and duties
  • Your goods are packaged correctly
  • The provided information about the weight and dimensions of your packages is correct
  • Your consignment is provided with complete and correct address details, as well as a phonenumber and name of the receiving party (preferred). Also add a waybill and any other necessary documents to the shipment (invoice, etc.)
  • The pickup driver has signed (a copy of) the manifest, which is now in your possession
  • Take a photo of your shipment before handing it over to the driver

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