We Care

Our business DNA


On this page we present you our, Select Courier's, business principles. We achieved to compile our entire moral and ethical DNA, our entire Select-Courier-being into two words – We Care.

Care for our customers

We want to make a positive impact in the world of logistics. Not only because we genuinely enjoy what we do, but also because we are convinced that we are actually able to use our know-how and expertise to make your working life easier. Less frustrating. Enjoyable. Fun. 

While many people around the globe spend hours fixing yet another logistical issue, we offer another, more effective and friendlier way to organize your logistics.

Care for our partners

Partnering with Select Courier adds value to the propositions of your business. Working with us allows you to connect with otherwise hard-to-reach groups of customers.
In addition to that we will provide you with the correct information needed to handle all the consignments fast, friendly and secure.

Care for our society

Since Select Courier consists out of real-live, breathing, walking, eating and laughing men and women, we also care for the people and society around us. We do this by running our website on eco-friendly servers; storing all our documentation digitally, nullifying paper stacks and by separating waste. 

We do this also by allowing you to compensate the CO2-emmission of all your shipments. You can read more about our sustainable shipping solutions right here.

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